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both areas require the individual to take a great deal of responsibility, but very little power and control.

the combination of stress, responsibility and powerlessness creates a great deal of tension that spills over into personal lives.

Besides the extra planning and homework grading (which can take hours! Many decide with continung education requirement, why not just go on and get that advanced degree. Taking classes is going to take a sizeable amount of "free time" during the school year and summer.

I know many teachers that work part time jobs such as sales clerk, server, or tutor.

Posted By: missyelliot83 on 8/24/2006 1101 AM Subject: Why are there so many single female nurses and teachers?

you find the same characteristic in teachers (i taught for years).

Same as teachers aids, I know teachers aids that tell ppl that they are teachers just for the attention or to make ppl think higher of them.

I'm a teacher, but not the usual sort, since I'm teaching adults at the college level.

I've seen a few nurses but almost all the mail I get contain the words "I'm a teacher too."Cause I know ppl who do that say such things.

I know a friend that just graduated from the hospital unit clerk course (nowhere close to bein a nurse) and she tells everyone sge is a nurse.

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